Monday, July 28, 2008

Definition: Quackery

"Astrologers and their ilk have been effectively emasculated in the United Kingdom. As of last month when new consumer protection regulations came into force, they can be taken to court and fined or even put in jail if their various predictions of love, good fortune, etc, don't materialise.

They are also required to state their services are for "entertainment only" and not "experimentally proven". The disclaimers have to be put on boards outside, printed on invoices and posted on their websites.

Apparently, the Asian community has been particularly vulnerable to the influence of the psychic mafia while the spiritual industry, consisting of UK-based astrologers and visiting babas from India, earn £40 million every year.

Therefore, perhaps it's time now the British government also came down on yet another Asian dominated industry whose entertainment value may be debatable but whose claims have not been experimentally proven either.

That's homeopathy."

-- Mukul Sharma, proving everyone hasn't gone completely mad, for The Times Of India

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