Friday, July 25, 2008

Wow: There's One Classy Lady Out There After All

"I feel really sorry for her and her family, of what they have gone through, it must have been absolutely devastating. She didn't ask for this and I am very, very sorry that it came out how it did. I would just get on my knees and apologise, to be honest, and just say that I am so sorry for everything that has happened and what has been caused. I didn't think about what I was doing, I was stupid, naive certainly and I wish I had never done it."

-- Woman E, offering a heart-felt apology to Max Mosley's wife, Jean, for her role in hurting her, in The Daily Mail

This is so rare now'a'days: someone actually apologizing, for real, for hurting another. Even better: apologizing for hurting someone she never even met. It's a beautiful thing.

All too often, people - women, especially, these days - try to pass off bad behavior as their right, and if someone got hurt, too bad. But this woman isn't going to bullshit us: she fucked up, somebody got hurt, and she's sorry. How hard is that? My heart, immediately, goes out to her for realizing the pain she's caused. It must really hurt to know you screwed up somebody else's life.

I hope she feels better eventually. She's a real classy lady. The first I've seen in a while.

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