Thursday, July 24, 2008

NewAge: Healing Your Life (To Destroy Others)

"Here's a man accused of the worst crimes devised by human ingenuity -- and he calls himself a "healer"?

But this shouldn't surprise us. The perpetrators of atrocities have always favored metaphors of healing. Just as a physician might use purges to rid a patient's body of internal toxins, Stalin imagined that his purges would rid the Soviet body politic of dangerous internal corruption. Hitler saw the Jews as "a cancer on the breast of Germany" and was convinced that the extermination of the Jews was essential to restoring the health of the Aryan nation."

-- Rosa Brooks, making the same connection this blog has been making repeatedly - between NewAge and totalitarianism - in the Los Angeles Times

Come on, people: Radovan Karadzic (who no one would call a dummy) became a "healer" because quackery is, once again, occupying a grey area within the law and society - a grey area made possible by his fellow extreme narcissists; people who are tragically desperate for meaning in their lives - and a meaning they only receive through instructing, and controlling, others.

"Changing the paradigm," whether we know what's going on with these liars, kooks, and killers, or not.

NewAgers "demand" the rest of us change our views, and lifestyle, regarding their ideas about the environment.

NewAgers "demand" - against common sense - they be allowed to undermine our knowledge of science and physics.

NewAgers "demand" the government wastes it's time opening various files to confirm their conspiracy theories about 9/11, U.F.O.s, or what have you.

They're always demanding we believe whatever they say.

NewAgers have morbidly wheedled their way into end-of-life care, acting as know-nothing parasites to the field of medicine, while killing patients left and right.

NewAgers tell us, to our faces, they don't care about the facts (there are "other ways of knowing") truth (Oprah says you "make your own truth") and that death - for themselves and, more importantly, for their victims - is only a phase.

They regularly swell the number of "Self-Help" books, and NewAge seminars, because that's where they learn to gain control - over themselves and others - who suspect nothing because of the NewAge claim to "peace and love."

They regularly insist clearly established words and meanings are outdated because they're pejorative - and directed at them.

All it takes, today, for cults to dissuade serious investigation is for it's members to deny they're a cult. How easy is that?

They tell us we must keep an "open mind" as a way to dissolve distinctions and disable our faculties.

As that con man, Werner Ehrhard, used to say when he was caught in a deception, "That may be 'what's so' but it's also 'so what'."

And what better "teacher" could they get than Radovan Karadzic? A man who knew a thing or two about the currency of conspiracies, causing death, and gaining control?

His was a natural transition - from violent murderer to non-violent murderer - because, as NewAgers are always telling us, our common sense perceptions are too limited to understand the "quantum" forces that can turn a "murderer" into a "healer."

The craven, gullible, and confused alike, accepted him as an "expert" on these evil themes, working under a dead man's name, just as he suspected they would.

And why wouldn't he?

Given enough time, PBS would've starred him during pledge breaks.

Louis Hay - who has voiced views amazingly like Karadzic's - would've sold his books.

"Such a nice man," they all would've said. Indeed, did say, about a cold-blooded killer, liar, and fiend of the most despicable kind.

They bought his NewAge disguise because it wasn't one. It was who he was.

And, like NewAge itself, it's about time everyone recognized.

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