Sunday, June 27, 2010

Almost Home Run (Didn't Touch All The Bases)

On the one hand, I'm really excited to see this video because it does a good job of outlining the Thomas Sam case. On the other hand, I'm disappointed to see homeopathy - a german invention - tied so tightly to India, alone. The Sam's live in Australia, as did the uber-NewAge Penelope Dingle, dead at the hands of her NewAge T.V. "doctor" husband - and a homeopath. NewAge, which a belief in homeopathy is a sure indication of, is a world-wide phenomena being exploited by quacks. Dr. Robert Wohlfahrt was killing in France. Dr. Frank Shallenberger killed in Nevada. Their Code of Ethics has a "no snitch" clause. Understand?

Don't get me wrong: I appreciate any lesson I can get on excema. But we have bigger fish to fry as well. The Gloria Sam case is but one, in a myriad of other cases, that reveal the tapestry of a very sick NewAge culture. In just the three cases mentioned above, we're talking about a baby - their baby - a wife, a mother (plus two others) and someone's father. In every case, the Homeopath's excuse adds up to "It wasn't me" when it's obvious their cultish attraction to water as a remedy is but one of a myriad of bad decisions (like playing doctor in the first place) that's driving them to make preventable mistakes.

I hear Shallenberger's back doing what "works". Anybody covering him?

Come on, people, come on. I'm looking down at you.

Nice work, though.

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