Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Goddamn It, California, Vote For Mickey Kaus!

It's not like this blog to follow the exploits of too many normal people (because - honestly - that ain't what I do) but I'll break protocol for Mickey Kaus' campaign to unseat California's Barbara Boxer, because A) Barbara Boxer SUCKS ASS as a senator, and B) I've been reading Mickey Kaus for years, on Slate.com, and find him to be a good, honest man with a keen intellect (how often do you read those words here? Answer: Never.) And there's something else:

By electing Mickey Kaus - an "old school" Democrat - California just might have a shot at not becoming a total basket case, or a laughingstock, without also having to switch from blue to red, politically. That's something. Hell, if he wins, his campaign might even be a correcting influence on that entire screwed-up fruitcake party.

So here's TMR's message to my home, the once (and always?) Golden State:

Maintain your dignity, California - Vote For Mickey Kaus - he's NOT a cultist!

1 comment:

  1. I want so badly for Kaus to win, I'm considering setting up a "sexual favors" van for anyone who votes for him, in the parking lot of my local polling location. That the polling location is a church and I'd offend all the holy people is a definite bonus.