Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Never Stood A Chance (In Hell)

Clearly, I have the correct amount of dopamine in my brain, so I can avoid seeing most of the wrong patterns that others fall victim to regularly. One of the patterns they imagine is I think I'm better than they are for this, when the truth is I only call them stupid because they've punished me, my whole life, for being different in this way. For me, it started with a foster brother who - after I innocently admitted I didn't believe in God - knocked the fuck out of me for saying so.

That's always been the way it is: I'd try to have a nice, calm, rational discussion with someone (after they'd corner me about my "beliefs") and, once they see I don't dabble in the irrational, they'd lash out - and usually, though not always, with violence. (Plotting with others against me, betrayal, and abandonment, are other popular fallback positions.) To this day, I am convinced that my ex-wife's (and our friend's) behavior at the end of our marriage were merely payback for me never being capable of going along with their NewAge view of the world.

Now that I've had a chance to digest all of this, I'm sure that my marriage never stood a chance, because I was always outnumbered by people too arrogant to question why, in some areas of their lives (religion/spirituality, etc.) they were willing to give up the knowledge they possessed when, in every other area, they knew better than to let go of their educations.

To illustrate this, I'm putting these videos (one of which I've posted before) of how our military leaders have been thinking (Don't forget: I'm a veteran) so you can see exactly how far outside of the mainstream I am, and how my ex - who once claimed she could walk through walls - was right in the thick of it, before she went on to kill three people. I think these videos also explain why I think the Oprah Winfrey-led society at large is just as responsible for the destruction of my marriage - and the deaths that followed - as my ex-wife was. They also explain the cultish election of a no-talent nobody like Barack Obama. These, to me, are exposé's of popular madness:


  1. Thanks for posting the TED video, it was fascinating.

    Sounds like you've had a pretty rough life, CMC. I'm sorry that someone so cool had to go through such bad shit.

    I've stopped discussing god and religion with most people. It's futile and just creates bad feelings.

  2. I was a PSYOP specialist in the Army. If the kind of stuff that Ronson said was part of it was being practiced, I never saw any evidence of it. We were basically marketers with guns.

    The PSYOP community is such a tiny one that I would have come across this stuff at some point, and the Special Operations community isn't really that much larger

    I'm just saying that I'm skeptical when Ronson claims that this stuff informs our current warfighting techniques.

  3. The 'no talent nobody' didn't come from a political dynasty. Unlike his predecessor.
    The 'no talent nobody' is a great orator and always makes himself open to criticism and commentary. His predecessor was a coward who presided over one of the most secretive administrations America has had.
    The 'no talent nobody' inherited a massive deficit and managed within a reasonable period of time to actually reverse much of the damage.

    You are one of THE most deluded bloggers I have had the displeasure of reading. And not the least bit fair.

  4. A rebuke lacking in actual content. Just more scuzzy fuzzy right wing shite. Well done yourself, JRN.

    Oh, and how about that Big Oil. Aren't they doing a great job! Anyone?!

  5. Thank you Bill of Wrongs (really, that name fits you so well) for taking time out from your kool-aid enema and nap to write again.

    I am especially impressed with your smooth segue to the topic of Big Oil. Seamless.

    So here’s something you may find interesting:

    If you were to completely empty the Gulf of Mexico basin, and then refill it at the upper estimated rate the oil well is leaking, it would take 2.2 million years to fill it back up.

    That’s just a fun fact.

    That’s twice now that I’ve given you detailed content (the first when I was obligated to inform you of your stupidity) and you have provided only some personal drivel about dynasties, oil and bloggers.

    I am now bored and tired of you.

  6. JRN, it pains me to say this of a fellow conservative but you sound like a cartoon version of a 'right winger': you claim to have content but all you have done is comment on the man's name and called him stupid. The 'kool aid' thing is getting old also; it's not really a substitute for engaging with the issues, or debating a point. In fact it's as lazy as calling us self-interested greedheads or somesuch.

    And as for the Gulf! I have this mental picture of animal rescue workers in the background, tour operators and fishing vessels grounded, and gawking onlookers surveying the damage, reporters querying why there seemed to be no decent contingency for averting such a disaster or of capping it once it had occured ('oh that didn't work, let's try this') while JRN, standing in seasonally inappropriate attire puffs on his pipe and opines "Don't worry, y'all, there's plenty more where that came from"!

  7. Baron Eddie – let’s drop the ruse that we’re fellow conservatives. I’m sure you’re a master of disguise at Halloween (“Look everybody, it’s Baron Eddie”), but it’s not working here.

    There are no points to debate or issues to engage in Bill of Wrong’s comments. If there were, I’d be curious as to why you didn’t respond to him/her. All I see is the spewing of a political stance, and that’s ok if you like to argue for no reason.

    My comments do in fact have more content then Bill of Wrong’s, and that’s too bad because it was all useless, but the satire has apparently caused you great confusion.

    As for the Gulf, I have this mental picture of you standing next to me, wearing your Lady Ga Ga Under Roos with the built-in pee-cup, begging for a hit off my pipe. And when you see the reporters approaching you start crying and wringing your hands until they pass, and then you stop, telling yourself what a good person you appear to be.

    So now what? Are you going to get your scuba diver costume out from under your bed and prance around on the beach so people think you’re going to save the day? Or maybe you’ll put on your engineering disguise and criticize it all from a position of authority.

    Better yet, just keep wearing your magic helmet that makes you think something I wrote caused the leak or made it worse, and if only I said the right thing that made you feel better it would stop.

    And yes, lucky for you there is more where that came from, and I’ll be glad to listen to your bullshit as soon as you let us all know you have stopped using anything and every thing on the planet derived from oil.

    That means for you, no gasoline, nothing made from or containing plastics, no lubricants (that includes KY Jelly, you rascal), no more of your polyester leisure suits, nothing that uses tires, no electricity (the transformers on the power poles outside you home are full of mineral oil) etc. The list is huge, so find yourself a cave (and sorry, candles are out unless they’re animal fat).

    Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie, but don’t ever inconvenience me. Is that your motto?

    I’ll end by trying to put this in perspective for you, even though you have shown a lack of the perspective gene: Everything humans have ever devised or built has crashed, failed, exploded or fallen apart, and has caused damage, injury or death at some point. This has implications. Figure it out.

    I’m sure if you owned an oil company, (or an airline or an auto company or whatever), nothing bad would ever happen. It’s too bad for the rest of us that you don’t have the ambition for anything but counterfeit debates and fake issues.

  8. No, no, of course, because the only kind of conservative is the one who thinks he is being clever and satirical for invoking the 'tin foil hat wearing' clause every time an argument gets slightly complex. It's not boredom you feel, it's the wretchedness you feel when you see the rhetorical peak and know you will never reach it.

    We don't all stomp along yelling 'USA, USA' every time Rush makes a point, some of us still digest what he says and gauge what is a genuine point against liberalism and what is just stirring of the crowd for our own aggrandizement.

    I think the points Bill made - and which you missed in your haste to prove yourself smarter - were that it takes talent to come from nowhere: to be the first black man (with a Kenyan father to boot) with no existing Washington - or CIA, FBI, Skull & Bones, Freemason, Shriner etc etc - connections. His having been a 'nobody' is what assures us that he cannot have been without talent. We can not be as sure if the candidate is deeply embedded in the existing hierarchy, or has access to those who are.

    I'm a fiscal conservative. I don't enjoy Obama's rampant spending any more than I enjoyed the neoconservatives deficit spending for a war effort that appeared obviously open-ended from the time it was first mooted. Unlike the loans to the auto manufacturers, this is money - over a trillion dollars - that we'll never see again. This fills me with joy to the same degree as an inflated welfare and socialised medical sector does.

    I don't recall preaching about an 'excessive reliance on oil', or denying that every industry is prone to accident and disaster. Nonetheless, to proceed on a course where you have no back-up contingency for when things go wrong is desperate folly, whatever industry you're in. Tankers have hit reefs, been patched and taken out of the most vulnerable zones. This happened recently. There was damage and loss, but it was contained. You seem to be suggesting that, because something is essential, we should be prepared to suffer any consequence of its extraction and/or use. I think that our involvement in industry demands that we work smarter to start with.
    Not to take that on board only makes us look like the irresponsible types the Left cast us as. That evidently doesn't concern you. Fine, but trying to wave away our critics by calling them stupid doesn't really cut it.

  9. I didn’t miss a single point “Bill” made, they were just too simple-minded to bother with, and yet you think it’s “complex”. Whew.

    And while I’ve never used the term “tin foil hat”, I will say, in your defense, that your tin foil hat isn’t causing you any problems. It’s the fourteen thumbtacks you used to attach it to your head.


    Nothing, and I mean NOTHING you wrote about Obama is a qualification to be POTUS. And you capped it with some of the most naïve, disoriented claims I’ve read in a long time.

    Do you really believe race is a qualification to hold the job of President? Doesn’t that make you racist?

    A Kenyan father is a qualification?

    Being a “nobody” is a qualification? Really?

    Are you really totally oblivious or stupid to how the Democrat Party and The “Chicago Machine” work? Really? Do you know how he was selected to run by the party and how he was informed? It’s public record.

    Do you really believe he had no connections to Washington? Are you unaware of what’s been going on the past year and a half? Are you being kept backstage in a soundproof, darkened booth?

    Would you board a 747 whose captain’s qualifications are that he is black with a Kenyan father and has no prior connections to the airlines, the FAA, the airplane or airports? Would that be good for you?

    Would you feel warm and fuzzy because he sounds talented on the microphone telling you the Grand Canyon is outside your window.

    I now assume you voted for “hope and change”, “we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for”, “yes we can”, ad nauseam. So clear, so concrete. You know… the “Talent”.

    Given your predisposition to fantasy, magical thinking and infantile utopianism, I don’t believe you/Bill are qualified to vote for President, American Idol or what to have for dinner.

    Yes, this magical mystery tour of yours is boring. And no, I don’t have to prove I’m smarter. You keep doing that for me.

    And stop using we, our, us and fellow conservative. I have never stated my political position and my evaluation is of the man’s actions and the job being done. You’re lame attempt at disguise is annoying anyway.

    May the hopey changy farce be with you, cuz yes you can.

    Complex indeed.

  10. Oh dear me. No, being black and having a Kenyan father isn't a qualification for anything. The assertion was that the man was a 'no talent nobody', remember? The observation is, simply, that this an unusual jumping point to reach High Office. You say he had connections and blah blah, but I maintain that they were in no wise mainstream, and he required something more - much more - to get that many voters.

    Had you watched the Rush episodes you would have noticed that he refers to how clever Obama is and then has to quieten the clamoring goons because they laugh uproariously at this. But Limbaugh is serious. It takes talent, and if you underestimate that talent then you get caught on the back foot. To what purpose Obama puts that talent is another question entirely. But being boorish, intolerant and foolish in our assessment isn't going to work when the opposition is mobilized. That's what I object to.

    You say you're smarter than me yet you're nothing but a string of catchphrases and invective; there's not an original thought playing in that head. Oh ho ho ho, tacking on my tinfoil hat. Why didn't I think of that? Oh wait I did, around twenty years ago, I think it was. Talk about your comments not worth making.

    Perhaps it was a semantic distinction that you don't get when you don't know how to debate, but I didn't say President Obama was qualified to be POTUS or was a good President or had the right agenda, I said I could see why a liberal might take valid exception to his being characterised as an, again, no talent nobody.

    When you let your invective trip you up, you fail to be as smart or as considered as your opponent.

    Proof? 'capped it with some of the most naïve, disoriented claims I’ve read in a long time.' and yet, and yet, nothing on why being excessively secretive in a democracy is a preferable state, or being too open is a liability. Nothing on why handling the GFC by insisting that loans are paid back is not a good way to manage the situation. But you did address the 'good speaker doesn't make a great leader' point so well done there.

    And, okay, you didn't say you were a conservative, you just use evasive manouevres and try to blindside your opponent with BS, or shout them down with cheap insults. That's going to get us a long way when there's New York intellectuals bathing in the glory of a Pres who doesn't come off like an astounding dumbfuck every time he takes the podium. I can safely say you feel no spirit of kinship with them.

    Wasn't it George Bush sr who said supply-side economics was 'voodoo economics'? You don't need to be a Democrat to see that a massive increase of spending, coupled with tax cuts, is not going to work. Yet that was what his son did. And it failed. It had to fail, because it didn't add up.

    Should I say that because I am opposed to abortion or gay marriage or rampant social welfare programs (as examples) I must support this? That seems an excessively narrow and disingenuous notion of what being a conservative - or a non-Obama voter, for that matter - is. But no, no, I'm a no-hoper hope-and-changer. Must be.

  11. Baron Eddie, disagreeing that Obama had any connections that got him elected says "but I maintain that they were in no wise mainstream, and he required something more - much more - to get that many voters."

    So the DNC, Oprah, the unions, AND THE BULK OF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA don't, in your expiring mind, constitute mainstream? Are you, Eddie, fucking stupid or something?

    I am not going to bother with the rest of your Magical Mystery Tour comments. Ditto for the alleged "Bill".

    I would like you to do two things to redeem yourself.

    1. Go to an eye surgeon and ask her/him to rotate your eyes so they look out rather than in. You'll be stunned at the results in time.

    2. Get "Bill" to help wrap you in cotton until you look like a giant fluffy tampon, and then go roll around on a gulf beach and soak up some oil.

    Be useful, Eddie.