Friday, June 11, 2010

In Case You're Not Clear On The Concept: Don't Listen To Me - And Eventually You'll Have To

I guess it was bound to happen because, as I've been saying, nobody cares to stop it:

Sharron Angle, Nevada's Tea Party candidate, has appeared in a video for the cult of Scientology.

It would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic - I was just imploring Glenn Reynolds to pay attention to this subject over the last few days: betcha Mr. Look-At-This! won't cover this either,... - but, by gaining power while not also focusing on helping to eliminate cultism from our politics, the Tea Party has left itself open to being exploited by them - while also becoming the focus of anti-cultists, like me, who know all the signs the oblivious Tea Partiers will easily miss. (What? Did Sharron Angle seriously believe Scientology's Second Chance was a real drug rehabilitation program? Really? How clueless can you get?)

Of course, the article I linked to, above, is from The Puffington Host which also has it's own little cult problems.

Sigh. There's no escape. Even worse, for most of you, there's not even an attempt.

It's just idiots, walking in circles, within circles,...

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  1. What are the guys doing at 8:30? It looks like they're rolling up play-doh or clay or something?