Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Told You: The Big Lie Is We're "Going Green"

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Folks, even if we go nuclear (which we should) we're not getting off of foreign oil, and we're not going to run out of oil either; we're not going organic, nor are we going to "save the planet" (because it doesn't need "saving" - and whatever arrogant NewAge hippie came up with that one was really smoking some good shit) all we're, eventually, going to do is grow the fuck up, and come to our senses, about the state of the world and it's resources - which ain't bad:

Except in the minds of a bunch of delusionally apocalyptic NewAgers, who don't mind wasting said resources, trying to avoid their paranoid daydreams.

Our one seriously pressing problem is that we've ever listened to them in the first place, and continue to do so.

Get over doing that and the planet - meaning those of us living on Earth: not "Gaia" - just might stand a fighting chance.

Hat Tip: Althouse

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  1. In order to shed this addiction to oil, I put water in my tank along with a little wind power.
    Mr. Lexus didn't like it!