Thursday, June 3, 2010

Forget Live And Let Die - Just Die Already

Well, well, well.

Somebody obviously doesn't know George W. Bush is married to Laura Bush - a fucking librarian. What a moron. And how dare he?

This one-legged grifter-marrying vegetarian, who is very much responsible for the promotion of the dual frauds of transcendental meditation and the Maharisi Mahesh Yogi in the United States, finally decided to open his yap on the subject of our politics - even speaking as though he's an American himself - and caused me to vomit in my own mouth (as I often do when faced with his solo catalogue) for the last time:

We are done, son.

You might even want to consider going into hiding for a while, asshole, because you just seriously fucked up your legacy:

How do you sleep?

1 comment:

  1. Oh, how adorable. A sixty-seven year old mop-top desperately trying to be a funny Beatle all over again. Forever stuck in "A Hard Day's Night"

    The comment lacked even the rudimentary elements of a joke, and had no value as a political statement. It was a demonstration of stupidity far beyond the implied stupidity of the subject.

    This reminded me of the "Best Of Stupid Collection" by Paul McCartney. Let's see...

    1. There was the Maharisi shit, but there's no need to go into detail on that.

    2. There was the monumental failure to buy the Beatle's song catalogue that Michael Jackson bought for $47 million (and then sold to Sony for $300 million)because "Sir" Paul wouldn't sac-up without Yoko.

    Has it dawned on you yet, "Sir Paul", that your divorce from psycho fuck-beast cost you about what you could have bought your songs back for?

    And then for added fun, "Sir" complained for the next thousand years about how Jackson betrayed him. Who would have thought Michael Jackson had bigger balls than "Sir". Whew.

    3. And my personal favorite... Sir discovers and makes famous Hop-A-Long-Mills.

    After we all got to see who "Peg" is and what she's about (after the million+ dollar wedding), it was stunning to know that "Sir" actually made the choice and decision to marry this weapons grade shrew.

    And that, "Sir" Paul, makes you a very special kind of stupid.

    So, "Sir", I could go on, but now I'm bored with you. I agree with CMC... you have pissed all over your legacy.

    I do however, take comfort in knowing that in any crisis or time of national distress, nobody turned to you for guidance. Not even Peg.