Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2001 - 2009: When All Hell Broke Loose

Remember the Bush years? I do - that's when I came out as a conservative. It was disgust that finally did it. I had one friend, a photojournalist, who, whenever he came over and discovered I had guests (which was often) would immediately set about poisoning their minds to our foreign policy - even after I begged him to stop. But he, and too many others, were just incapable of stopping themselves.

Bush Derangement Syndrome. Nasty business. They'd all gone mad.

And, anyway, why should anyone have tried to stop? That now-revealed font of journalistic wisdom, Helen Thomas, labeled George W. Bush "the worst president in history", giving permission for that lie to be openly parroted by every wannabe cool I'm-not-political know-nothing on the planet.

In hindsight, of course, it was free-floating ignorance and hatred and nothing more. But it crushed me - not just here but overseas as well:
"I know some Europeans who are not quite anti-American — they just support or accept America when the voters elect liberal Democrats. When the voters, under the influence of darkness, elect conservatives, all bets are off: America is illegit."
Yes, yes - as someone who traveled to Europe often in those days - I do remember it well.

What am I saying? I'll never be able to forget it - it haunts my dreams:

It was absolutely the worst time of my life.

But now, in their insanity, the Democrats are back to slicing their own throats, so, thank goodness, it's all finally almost over,...

Hat Tip: Collective Wishes


  1. Now that Helen Thomas has some free time, she could join the Rolling Stones and stand between Keith Richards and Ron Wood while playing a Jew's harp.

    Picture it.

  2. JRN, I am, once again, dazzled by the workings of your mind.

    This mental picture will most likely be the last one I have on my deathbed. My "Rosebud", if you will. It will probably sound like "Jew's harp" when I utter it as I shuffle off this mortal coil.

  3. They used to be called Palestinian's harps before the Jews started occupying them.

    Totally true. You can look it up on Wikipedia.

  4. Interesting, Youngblood

    Since you're making the unlikely claim, maybe you could back it up by copying and pasting the relevant entry here.

  5. I think that Youngblood is taking some artistic license here, for comedic effect. And I like it! :)

    After reading your post, I decided to do just as you suggest. And wouldn't you know it? It has nothing to do with the Jews. It's not even a harp!

    Damn false advertising.