Monday, June 7, 2010

They're Thinking They Can Jew Us On This One*

This is a lie, and (as usual) the Obama administration really thinks we're stupid:

Helen Thomas did not "apologize" - she issued a statement of regret - which isn't the same thing. An apology is saying, "I'm sincerely sorry to everyone I've hurt, when I said that terrible thing I'll never, ever say again, and I ask that, please, somehow, you can find it in your hearts to forgive me."

A statement of regret means you wish you hadn't gotten caught.

I've told you before - liberals don't apologize - they just claim to, or look for another option to doing so, trying to play us for fools.

But there is no other option. I know an apology when I receive one. It's easy to forgive someone who admits they did wrong and needs our forgiveness. It starts to become impossible when the original wrong is compounded by the transgressor, and her supporters, by trying to play us for idiots - which is exactly what's happening here.

It's funny that none of those wise, and supposedly-better-educated, journalists in the White House Press Corpse seems to understand this.

That said, Robert Gibbs, too, needs to hit the "reset" button.

Helen Thomas has to go.

*This title is a joke.

UPDATE: Drudge is reporting that Helen Thomas is retiring. See? No apology!


  1. She's retiring? So soon?

    This no apologizing thing has taken pretty strong root in our culture. In my experience, not only do people refuse to acknowledge that they did something wrong, but they have the gall to take it to the next level. It ends up being your fault for being hurt, offended or damaged by their inappropriate words or actions.

    My favorite is when some jerk cuts me off on the freeway, I honk at him, and he throws me the bird. Or she. You know what I mean.

    On the flip side, because it is so rare, a genuine apology makes a profound impact.

  2. I cannot stand non-apology apologies. "We regret..." "We're sorry if some were offended..."

    If you're going to apologize, then fucking apologize.

    And, on a related note, I can't stand all this "misspoke" shit, either. "Blumenthal misspoke about his military service."

    This afternoon I was the news, and the presenter was doing some back and forth, and he was like, "What BP has been saying hasn't been based in fact."

    I almost threw my shoe at the TV.

    If you mean to say that someone's lying, then just fucking say they're lying.

  3. Youngblood, why ruin a perfectly good shoe?

  4. But, Youngblood, all truth is relative, right? That's what they've been teaching in college: that there is no objective truth. All the kiddos are getting schooled in the theology of deconstructionism and moral relativism. It all depends.

  5. Mustard,

    It was a Converse All-Star! I think it would have come out unscathed. (And the television probably would have too.)


    When people say things like "misspoke" or "not based in fact", I think it's out of deference to our vestigial defamation laws. "Misspoke" may sound like something out of Bizarro World, but it works better than "allegedly lied".

    The apology thing, I think it's just that nobody wants to admit wrongdoing anymore.

    Not that I'm defending the excesses of our zany post-modern age.

  6. Also, I should make an effort to be wittier. Sorry about that.

    Er... I mean...

    "I deeply regret that my comments that I made above regarding apologies and lying. They do not reflect the true depth of my wit, which is truly dazzling."

  7. Your statement of regret would probably have more impact if you vowed to retire from blog commenting. If you're really serious about getting full value from your time in the spotlight, I suggest that you tearfully promise to seek professional help, maybe join some kind of 12 step program.

  8. Now you're learning, young Young blood.