Saturday, June 12, 2010

Uh-Oh: Angry Hippie, Man


  1. Doesn't sound like a hippie to me! Sounds like a curmudgeon. This is pretty crazy. I was watching "Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride" yeseterday, and I read this obituary by William F Buckley too:

    I think your title mislabels him, but it's a great video none-the-less.



  2. I finally feel vindicated. I couldn't get through Fear and Loathing (the book, I didn't even attempt the film) no matter how much my "cool" friends insisted that it was a work of monumental significance.

  3. Mustard, I don't get Hunter S. Thompson either. For me, he's like Fight other words something or someone that everyone tells you to like if you want to be cool.

    I've never understood "Fight Club." I thought it was terrible. When I saw the movie and hated it, people said "Read the book, you'll love it". I read it. I hated it even more than the movie. I even read it a second time to see if I was missing something. I wasn't. You're telling me that I should give up Swedish furniture and corporate coffee so I can go join a bunch of repressed homosexual macho jocks who beat each other up in the name of being cool and "non-conformist"? Haha! You can't possibly be serious!

  4. "If your system is still here tomorrow night..."

    What are you going to do Mr. Thompson? Blow your brains out with a shotgun? That would show us, but please Mr. Thompson, don't blow your brains out.

    Brer Best Buy