Sunday, June 13, 2010

Really: Is There Anything Better Than Politics?

I've been avoiding South Carolina's whole "Alvin Greene thing" because I've heard his story before somewhere:

A black guy that nobody knows anything about, somehow, gets swept into high office.

Sound familiar?

But, boy, was I missing out on this one! You know how, now, even liberals are saying Obama's stupid? No, no, no, no, no! If Obama's stupid, then this chucklehead's really stupid! No, I mean, really, really, really stupid! This guy's so stupid I'm starting to wonder where the Democrats go shopping for stupid! Wherever it is, even they want to take him back!

But they can't, because (second time being the charm) just like with the p-resident, the Democrats didn't check Greene's credentials (he might be a felon) and the media also didn't vett him (great job, again, guys!) so he ran in the contest, and this retard won - that's two in a row! - and this time with 60% of the vote. Which is great for when we want to, eventually, sit down with the Dems (Dims?) and have one of those "teachable moments" they're always going on about. All that's missing, to make the lesson complete, is finding out who's in this guy's lefty NewAge cult following. Is it Mark Morford? Or maybe Deepak Chopra? I don't know but I do know they're out there somewhere:

After electing "The One", they're probably celebrating a "Number Two" with Oprah.

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