Thursday, June 24, 2010

This Is Actually An Add-Hominy *Grits* Attack

Remember back when France was yelling that America had to elect Barack Obama, or else we were racist?

I want you to remember it now. Because it wasn't so. France was being racist.


So what else can I point out, since I'm feeling all World-Cuppie today, that can top the very-unpeaceful NewAge spectacle of a French astrologist leading his team and his country to madness and ruin? Well, how about an entire country that's just one big cult? Where it's claimed the "Dear Leader" (this is my favorite) makes the sun rise. That's right: The One was going to "lower the oceans", but this motherfucker makes the sun rise. And, also unlike The Won, he runs a very tight operation:

"After the complete rout of North Korea by Portugal on Monday in their second match of the World Cup, some observers have seized on the opportunity to blame North Korean leader Kim Jong-il personally.

The license was provided by a claim by the team's coach Kim Jong-hun that the dictator 'gives regular tactical advice during matches using mobile phones that are not visible to the naked eye.' The coach added the fantasy device was invented by Kim Jong-il himself.

'Given the way the North Korean regime works, a football coach can't just mention Kim Jong-il's name and talk about him as he likes,' a South Korean official said. 'The invisible-mobile-phone part may be silly, but it's probably true that Kim Jong-il's orders are delivered to the coach.'"
Now that's hot. No, I'm serious, I'm getting off on it because,'s hot:

The North Korean coach is speaking in code to the media.

That poor bastard might as well be blinking signals, or even holding up a big-assed sign saying "HELP ME", and all everybody does is stand around him, discussing how to interpret "the way the North Korean regime works". Didn't anybody hear? It works through invisible-mobile-phones.

Listen to me: North Korea works like homeopathy, alright? It works through invisible-motherfucking-mobile-phones. I'm pretty sure, if you had a talk right now with Kim Jong-il, he'd tell you the more invisible the phone the more powerful the signal. Shit, the coach got it. As he, too, led his team and his country to madness and ruin.

I think I'm in love with the whole idea of it.

Hey! James Cameron - definitely a NewAger - gave us his goofy, hectoring blue-peopled, got to "save the planet" movie, Avatar. I want you to remember that, too.


I can't help but dwell on the current popularity of Yoga (as exercise, mind you) without also thinking about the conmen and Nazis who were determined to bring it here.

With that background, is it any wonder that all the cool kids are the same people leading most of the wrong-headed - including anti-Semitic - movements today?

Like, maybe, they're getting more than just exercise from participation in those classes?

Like, maybe, a world-view is also being indoctrinated?

If it was, in this political environment today, no one would notice it, would they?

Nah - not in the currently idiotic political environment, that's for sure.

Nobody notices anything until it's too late.


Weekly Address: Jobs Creation from White House Weekly Address on Vimeo.

Hat Tip: Althouse

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