Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Black Artists/White Audience: The Big Grey Area

When this whole cult clusterfuck busts wide open - and it will, because it's in the world of politics now, and I'm no longer the only dog in on the hunt - I'm expecting everyone I've discussed it with online (Orac, Ann Althouse, Glenn Reynolds, etc.) to step forward and admit I was there first, so I can be eligible for the Medal of Freedom or some shit. That so many others in the business of spreading information are ignoring the influence of NewAge on current events involving the Left (like they all did with the John Edwards scandal, which also has a deep NewAge component, through Rielle Hunter) all because it's in the realm of religion/spirituality is nothing less than criminal. At the very least, they're allowing others to steal my thunder:
"The latest episode of 'The Boondocks,' the satirical animated TV series that airs on the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim slate, takes brutal aim at Perry and his brand, which blends melodrama, raucous comedy and religious themes. Coming under intense ridicule is Perry's portrayal of Madea, the gun-toting, foul-mouthed grandmother at the center of many of his films.

In 'Pause,' an episode written by [creator Aaron] McGruder and executive producer Rodney Barnes that aired Sunday, a thinly disguised version of Perry named Winston Jerome is positioned as a closeted, cross-dressing cult leader whose love of the Christian faith is a mask for his true sexuality. Though the character bears little physical or vocal resemblance to Perry, the reference is obvious to those familiar with Perry's work. The dancing Ma Duke is a clear parody of Madea.

The Jerome character wears a pink sweater, is surrounded by bare-chested muscular men and constantly proclaims his love for Jesus even as he attempts to seduce Granddad ( John Witherspoon), the guardian of the two boys, Huey and Riley Freeman, at the center of the series. The fame-hungry Granddad is trying out for a part in Jerome's new play, 'Ma Duke Finds Herself a Man.'

Near the end of the episode, Jerome bluntly asks Granddad for sex; the old man responds, 'Do you mean to tell me that this whole cross-dressing Christian cult crap is just so you can sleep with men?' 'Uh, pretty much, yeah,' says Jerome.

The episode marks one of the sharpest public criticisms of Perry. Huey Freeman calls the script for 'Ma Duke' 'terrible.' The Perry brand has also been blasted by some critics and entertainers such as Spike Lee, who say Perry's projects perpetuate negative stereotypes, and present a narrow view of African American life.

McGruder and executives for Turner and Adult Swim declined to comment on the episode. Representatives for Perry did not return phone calls."
Anyway, here's a big shout out to Aaron McGruder - a Hip-Hop fan - for also speaking up:

We'll show them yet.

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