Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Little Dissing Of The "Freaky Talk" - Before Imagining Killing Jimmy Carter - I Am So There

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I only watch The Daily Show online these days. I can only take it in small bites since the presidential election, when Bill Maher was on and referred to Obama as "our boy", and Jon Stewart didn't take the opportunity to declare his show's non-partisan, and comedic stance, by correcting him. (Stewart didn't say they could laugh at Obama until after he had won.) Knowing my share of comedians - and that they're only supposed to care about what's funny - that was a shock to me. "Oh, that's how it is, huh?" I thought, and since then, The Daily Show's never been the same.

So, fast forward to today, and now their "boy" is in, and even Stewart can see the writing on the wall. And I'm happy to say, though he's keeping the liberal tradition of cognitive dissonance alive (expressed by never admitting he fucked up by backing the bonehead) he's also back to the non-partisan-funny, which means he's being equal opportunity about who gets it in the chops - Obama, religion, FOX News, and good old bumbling Jimmy Carter:

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Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the way political comedy is supposed to be. And it's about time,...

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  1. Has it always been this way and my ears are just now tuning in to it? Or is Obama's shrill whistling "s" a recent development?