Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Tell You - For A Tin-Foil Hat - It Works Great

Wasn't it just a few days ago that I was pointing out how, at the bottom of too many Democratic scandals, you'll find an attraction to, or affiliation with, NewAge? No, actually, that's every day. Well, O.K., in light of that, I present what you should now consider Exhibit "B":
"Neighbors of the Portland massage therapist who has accused Al Gore of groping her said today that the woman is outgoing and known for striking up conversations. She loves birds and has a small dog, they said.

'She's a very spiritual person,' said Pepe Moscoso, an artist and photographer who lives in the same apartment complex in Southeast Portland. 'We'd talk about the Zodiac and other astrological things.'

He described her as 'a very honest person.'

She always talks to him and his wife when they're walking outside with their daughters. She told him and other neighbors that she was studying acupuncture."
Of course she was. In case you're a little late, you can smush everything else I've told you with John Edwards and Rielle Hunter, and call it Exhibit "A".

Liberal spirituality: Massage therapy. Astrology. Acupuncture. Yep, all the usual suspects.

I've broken their code.

And so I'm sure - 100% positive, actually - our massage "therapist" - like Al Gore, John Edwards, and Rielle Hunter before her - is "a very honest person." As only she (and others who "talk about the Zodiac and other astrological things") define it. Let the truth-telling begin.

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