Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ingraham Vs. O'Reilly: I Really, Really Love This

This is how it's supposed to go - two adults discussing current events. She says he's drinking Kool-Aid, he calls her stupid, nobody freaks out. They don't even bat an eye. And, I'm sure, Bill will have her back on; might even have her host a show or two, one day, because she's sharp and serious.

Now, can you imagine if there was one of those passive-aggresive super-sensitive NewAge liberals involved in this exchange? Or one of these libertarian or conservative elitists? They're above criticism. Oh, they'd be screaming how insulted they are, or, surely, banishing someone! You're so bitter! Verbal abuse!

Of course, they reserve the right to call others stupid when they see fit, but it's when you who call them stupid on occasion, or point out where their logic is skewed, you've crossed the rubicon of civil discourse! You're clearly a bad person, unworthy of having your ideas - good or otherwise - promoted. (And, as we all know, not promoting good ideas is better for everyone, right? Or is it just them?) Face it:

These assholes think their shit don't stink.

Well, their shit does stink - it stinks to high heaven - and I applaud Laura Ingraham and Ted Baxter Bill O'Reilly for showing us why:

People can talk, even argue, without getting all bent out of shape by the words being used.

It's called maturity, and too many today, in positions of influence, don't possess it.

Exit question: ever see Glenn Reynolds & Co. debate someone they disagree with?


  1. They're both fringe-right celebrity pundits who have books with the same publisher, shows with the same network, appear at the same events as paid speakers, promote each other's books and probably even have the same agent - in short, they're both making a handsome living sucking from the same tit, so of course he'll have her back on - and a good thing too, because no real journalist would agree to appear with either of them.

  2. "because no real journalist would agree to appear with either of them."

    Do you mean no real journalist such as Chris Wallace, Charles Krauthammer, Kirsten Powers, Brit Hume et al.,

    Or did you mean really real journalists like Chris Matthews, Bill Maher, Janeane Garofalo etc.?

    No matter what your political views are, that was a very stupid thing to write, don't you think Blockhead?

  3. No offense, jrn, but outside of fox-land, most people don't consider jeanine garafalo or bill maher to be serious journalists either.