Thursday, January 10, 2008

Looking At The The 60's: "Immaturity And Lack Of Impulse Control"

"Boom! contains some scattered autobiographical interjections in which [Tom Brokaw]—objective to a fault—recalls how he felt as anti-war activists shut down campuses and rock stars started throwing around the f-word. In typically measured tones, he suggests they all went too far.

The problem with
Boom! is that it doesn't go far enough,...Brokaw alludes to the failings in his subjects' personal lives, from drugs to infidelity, but he's too cautious to confront these men and women directly, or to bluntly assert that the boomers screwed up a golden opportunity through their own immaturity and lack of impulse control."

- From the A.V. Club's review of Tom Brokaw's new book, Boom!, in The Onion

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