Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tom Cruising To The Crux Of The Cult Issue

"Up here in Canada,...Scientology, not classified as a church,...It is not even a charity. The same is true for England, France, and most other Western nations. In Belgium there is currently an attempt to prosecute it into oblivion. In Germany there is an attempt to outlaw it. [America's] Supreme Court said that it is not a church. Your TAX OFFICE says that it is. And really, you can think about substituting Christianity for Scientology,...but you can also substitute Satanism, the Raelians, Jim Jones' People's Temple or the Heaven's Gate suicide cult. There is room for some discrimination without being called a "bigot". If it was a church we would have to add that it is the only criminally convicted church in the history of this country."

- A comment by Toronto, Canada's Chris Cranston, writing about the latest weirdo Scientology video, of Tom "The Authority" Cruise, in The Globe and Mail

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