Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Laughing Fat Man (Laughs At You)

"Buddhism is the favorite past-time of affluent people living in scenic money-clips like Boulder, Santa Fe, and Northern California, the same people who long ago left your grim, frigid Rust Belt to live in the mountains, in the enchanted desert, on the coastal cliffs of the Pacific. They are the ones driving to organic grocery stores in monstrous SUVs festooned with “I Love Tibet” bumper-stickers, who check stock quotes and do their email seated in the lotus position, who go rock climbing and high-altitude snow-boarding with essential tomes by Shunryu Suzuki or Trungpa Rinpoche soaking up the excess spring water in the bottom of their backpacks. 

Easy, comfortable, beautiful lives, much like the Buddha himself once lived, before he became enlightened."

- Buffalo

And isn't he in great shape? I swear, I don't know where these "enlightened" types get this stuff from, but to think we won't see through their bullshit is truly insulting,...but what else is new?

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