Monday, January 21, 2008

No, No, That's How They All Talk!

"It may be the case that [Tom] Cruise's delivery style is not uncommon in certain religious movements in the US. but, for Germans with an interest in history, that scene where he asks whether the Scientologists should clean up the world and everyone shouts 'yes' is inevitably reminiscent of Goebbels' notorious ["Do you want total war?"] speech."

- Guido Knopp, an expert on Second World War history, speaking to Bild about you know who (reprinted in the London TIMES)

Come on, you know how it works:

God is omnipotent, and me AND ALL MY FRIENDS are agents of God,...or Xenu. Or "we're all gods" or some other nonsense the voice in our heads tell us. Or someone put in there. Whatever. The point is we've got to push you guys around. We're compelled, O.K.? Now, do what's best, and listen to The Cruiser:

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