Thursday, January 31, 2008

Stop Recycling NOW

Earlier this month I did a post called "Recycling Is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong" because this dangerously silly woman in my hometown named "Siel" (above, blogging for The L.A. Times) was trying to goad the authorities into punishing anyone who wouldn't go along with that long-standing, but ridiculously harmful, garbage collecting scheme. My post featured a link to a highly-informative New York Times story, "Recycling Is Garbage", which outlined the history of recycling, and the many reasons that it is "the most wasteful activity in modern America: a waste of time and money, a waste of human and natural resources."

So I sent Siel a link to my post and she wrote back:

"Feel free to email me when you put up a post with reasons why you think recycling's wrong, in conjunctions with other people's links. I like to read, you know, actual content."

In other words, this snarky madwoman refused to even click on the New York Times article that proved she was wrong and acting like a Nazi - out to punish anyone who doesn't agree with her wrong-headed obsession - because I didn't personally write it. In other words, this so-called "smart" person willingly put her fingers in her ears and sang, "La-la-la-la-la", to ignore important facts she didn't like - as she's actively trying to bring the power of the State of California down upon innocent people's heads. Like I said, a fucking Nazi.

Now, today, The San Francisco Chronicle's C.W. Nevius (above) wrote an article about a nuisance recycling plant in my old Bay Area neighborhood, the Haight/Ashbury. This time I sent him the New York Times article, and this was the reaction:

"Huh. That's interesting. Thanks. CWN"

That's all he said: "That's interesting." Remember, we're talking about "the most wasteful activity in modern America" - billions of dollars of our tax money gone and nothing for helping "the planet" - and he merely finds the information "interesting".

But will he report on the "interesting" news that (in a misguided effort to "Save The Planet") we're actually doing the wrong thing to the earth and ourselves - and on a massive scale? I seriously doubt it.

Sure, these (so-called) "journalists" will go on and on about the worthless banning of plastic bags, and all the other counter-productive nonsense that's being proposed to nanny state us into a Third World country. But, for some reason, they refuse to write anything that admits the direction we're all being aggressively pushed into - the direction they themselves are pushing us toward - is factually just plain wrong. Why?

Well, as anyone who regularly reads this blog knows, I say it's because they're environmental cultists. Now, I know, many of you may not agree with the term but what do you call people, whose jobs it is to inform us of the wasteful uses of government and money, who refuse to do just that because it it makes them personally feel good to act like assholes while believing in this wrong-headed cause of blindly following Al Gore? I can't find another name for them. "Cultists" fits too well.

And, I swear, from where I sit, after all the betrayals these fascist NewAge idiots are putting society through, the WWII idea of one day shaving their heads, and marching them through the streets as examples to us all, is starting to look better and better,...


  1. The only things I recycle "religiously" are my vintage '50s shadow plaid, rayon, and gabardine shirts. When they overstay their welcome in my wardrobe, I pass them along to a friend who matches my size and aesthetic. I'd hate for such precious artifacts to go to waste. As for paper, plastic, and glass -- straight into the trashcan. I haven't had a recycle bin since 1994. "Save the Planet"? No fuck here is given. I'm not an ecochondriac.

  2. I didn't think you'd publish my comment. It called you out too good, and like most other cult people, you cant handle it.

  3. If you're implying that I'm a cultist then you can't read.

    And, as far as your previous comment calling me out "too good", I have to say, no, it was moronic, and most anonymous comments I receive don't get published because, except for those fighting against Scientology, I think of most believers online anonymously as underhanded cowards,....

  4. I can't see paper, glass, steel, aluminum, and plastic as "garbage." What a strange concept. I do recycle, and it will take more than a fourteen-year-old opinion piece to change my mind. Recycling is the common sense of the market, once real costs of throwing away massive quantities of resources is figured in. And of course less packaging (way less) upstream is key.

  5. Ah yes, the cult of recycling. I did some writing on the subject myself if you care to read it:

    It is good to see other rational people who are able to step back and see the absurdity of recycling in almost all cases. People do it because they have been told it is good for the environment. It is so universally accepted as a good thing, they'll label you a heathen just for questioning its efficacy. It isn't.

    Simply put, recycling wastes our resources, energy, and billions of tax dollars. Good post. Spread the word... before government mandated recycling becomes real.

  6. Obviously I'm not the woo-woo type, but I KNEW there was something I was going to like about the name "Tunacrab"

  7. Here, I don't really believe this will work.