Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Betrayed,...By Everyone

O.K., I really like this video:

Zhang Bin (on the left as the video begins) is a famous Chinese sportscaster who was introducing China's new Olympics Channel. The woman, Hu Ziwei, is also a famous sportscaster - and his wife. She has interrupted the Olympics Channel opening ceremony to announce that her husband is having an affair.

So why do I like the video? Because I identify with her,...and I'm proud of her. As a number of men try to stop her from speaking, we see her constantly pulling away - insisting, through her pain, she will be heard. Screw them and screw any pretense of decorum. If she has to go through Hell, they all have to go through Hell. She didn't make the situation - he did - and to make her watch, as China honors him, is disgusting.

I think San Francisco (which rewarded it's mayor with a 75% approval rating after discovering he slept with his best friend and campaign manager's wife, and bringing back all kinds of nightmares for me) could learn a thing or two, about compassion for the betrayed, from this video. I can only imagine the pain Alex Tourk went through, as The City applauded Gavin Newsom, condemning Tourk to the Seventh Circle of Hell to prove how "sophisticated" they were as individuals.

San Franciscans aren't sophisticated; they're cruel - they're America's equivalent to this clip's hoard of goons.

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