Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Self-Help Is Bullshit

Penn and Teller -Bullshit! - Self-Helpless

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And, when it comes to stupid people, the Placebo Effect can be dangerous (Homeopathy users should pay close attention):

But who, exactly, do I mean by the "stupid people"? Is it just losers in the mall? Nah (I was married to a thought-she-was-classy, college educated, french woman, remember?) it could also be any of those stuck-up assholes who, just like the french, don't think they can be fooled - and won't settle for anything less than "the best":

Or any of those "green" assholes with the hubris to think they should be telling other people how to "Save The World":

In other words, anyone who is above using that all-important but lowly thought of commodity called "common sense".

Come on, people, don't say I don't love you,...'cause I do. (Penn & Teller do to,...) This is just "tough love". Because that's the very kind you stupid, stuck-up, green assholes - who like pushing other people around - need.

Awww, do you think I should talk nicer to you? Fine. Try this:

Happy New Year!

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