Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Cult War Continues: The Regime

"A new entity calling itself The Regime used keylogging to gain an administrator password to, a site popular with the open vigilante group "Anonymous" that has recently been attacking Scientology online.

As of 9:57 p.m. (eastern time) the site, has been replaced, allegedly by
The Regime by the title Church of Scientology along with a statement on the home page stating "This website has been deleted due to copyright claims from the Church of Scientology." A search performed using Google, on 711chan has returned the number one result of the apparent hack. All that remains of is an apparent message to the members of the site to "run" and "hide."

"711chan is full of fucking fail for siding with Gaia. I'm out of here, faggots. Enjoy your Gaia," said the message.

The Regime's first attack went along with a message posted to 711chan's website saying that "This site has not been blessed by The Regime and is deemed lame", believing Anonymous to be self-proclaimed hackers (although this title was primarily used by the media). It also refers to Anonymous' attempt to bring down the Church of Scientology (named 'Operation Chanology'), saying that "chanology is lame, scientology is lame". It thereafter declared that the message board where "Anonymous" had been discussing Operation Chanology had been removed. Minutes later, 711chan stopped responding to queries."

- From Wikinews Reports

UPDATE: I don't know if it's related but Rick Ross's Cult News Network is down as well. This is nothing new (cults are always attacking the site, nice folks that they are) but the timing is weird,....and, BTW, The Regime's video is lame.

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