Monday, January 28, 2008

Love You, Too, Honey!!!

Like many men (and women) I almost blew coffee out of my nose when I read today's screed from the New York chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW). Railing against Ted Kennedy's backing of Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton, and screaming of abandonment and betrayal, this identity politics group - which openly encourages women to abandon their husbands if they feel "dissatisfied" with their lives, or to get an abortion if it inconveniences them (and to hell with the feelings of the fathers) - reminded me, mostly, of Glenn Close (above) in Fatal Attraction: Just plain fucking batshit crazy.

I know, I know, Close was betrayed by Michael Douglas in that movie, but, as a man who's been betrayed by a woman (with the total we'll-show-him backing of her girlfriends) I present these eight man-hating hit songs (from's Revenge Is A Bitch: 10 Most Bitter Female Rock Songs) and ask you how sympathetic you'd feel towards these women if you discovered it was actually they who had done a man wrong? If they were merely delusional? Defending a double-standard as the standard? Watch the videos - and think seriously about it - then write me back and I'll expound on this, and your answers, further:

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