Sunday, January 6, 2008

Play God's Game: Be An Agnostic

"What is it with the agnostics? They fall into the religious's game. I am what religious and agnostics would call an atheist, but "Atheism" has the same meaning to me as "unastrology". I just don't consider the reality of any gods in my life whatsoever. I only reject god because people are bringing him up all the time."

"Also and more importantly, the fact that we're not sure if there is no god ('cause I'm not 100% positively sure), doesn't mean either that the chances are 50-50. it is more like "very, very little" chance that there is a god, and "a big, huge" chance that there isn't. Every time in the history of science that a religious belief has been defeated by science and rationality, is a piece of evidence that the god thing was and is a lie. EVERY one of the things we know now in the 21st century that were thought something else by the religious is a piece of evidence, a testament to god being invented. Add to that that we don't even need god to explain anything anymore (besides probably what started the big bang, but even then there are speculations and hypotheses that are reasonable and natural).

Knowledge progresses, agnostics with a 50-50 mentality are just playing into the religious' hands."

- "Norm", making a comment on the One Good Move blog, regarding Atheism.

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