Monday, January 21, 2008

Sign Of The Times: This Shitty-Ass Story Sure Sounds Mighty, Mighty, Familiar,...

By John Fekete
Robert Davies, 1994

In 1993, the "Final Report of the Canadian Panel on Violence Against Women" set off what John Fekete, a man of the left and a major figure in academic cultural studies, compellingly termed a "moral panic," a fanaticism that led to willful bad science, to callous indifference to truth and criticism, to zealous bad law and policy, and to efforts to transform coercively the freedoms and dignities of an entire people. How else to save Canadian women from the violence of the warlocks except by creating a yet larger political state to infantilize both sexes and to effect a moral regeneration of men across the barbarism that is Canada? Fekete, a professor at Trent University in Ontario, offers a deeply disturbing account of the treacherous union of modern political superstitions with the totalizing exercise of power that sanctimonious passion invariably demands. His trenchant analysis of statistical fraud in the service of political aims is itself worth the reading. "Moral Panic" is an indispensable guide to the fanaticism of our times.

- From a Wall Street Journal review of books on modern fanaticism

"Modern fanaticism"? What "Modern fanaticism"? There's no "modern fanaticism" going on around here! No, everything's just fine and dandy,...fine-and-dandy. Really:

Keep movin' - ain't shit to see here,...bitch.

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