Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Well, Homeopathy Has "Side Effects" After All,...

"People are starting to realise they are being conned by the whole complementary medicine establishment,..."

Michael Baum, professor emeritus of surgery at University College London, on the cutting of National Health Service funds for homeopathy, which he has described as "cheap and nasty medicine" and a "cruel deception" that causes "cultural and social damage".

As someone who lost his mother-in-law, his 20-year marriage, many friends, as well as his faith in other people generally - including a large portion of the medical establishment - all over a nonsensical belief that water can "heal", I'd say that's an understatement,...:

"Homeopathy, and those that practice it, sell it, believe in it - or are so "open-minded" as to even tolerate it's outrageously bug-eyed claims - create the conditions for Hell on earth", would be a much more accurate description of the magic water's "side effects" on society, if you ask me.

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