Thursday, January 31, 2008

Knight Of The Living Dead

The normal-looking guy above is Jeff Knight, former husband of J.Z. Knight, the cult leader whose bullshit fuels the hit movies What The Bleep Do We Know? and What The Bleep Do We Know?: Down The Rabbit Hole. This is an interview he did in 1992, after his divorce and realization he had been involved in a cult.

Check out the crazy scene he paints for us: How he was told he and J.Z. were "soul mates" - by her then-current husband. ("Soul mates" is a cult phrase that's wound it's way into the larger culture's vocabulary.) How he actually believed she could channel "Ramtha" (or "Ram") a 35,000 year old space being who could predict events on earth. How she brainwashed him and took away his business. How she cheated on him, lied to him, divorced him, and then left him with nothing but her delusional ideas. How she, and Shirley MacLaine, talk of peace while viciously competing for followers. How, years later, he still couldn't "move on".

Check out the crazy scene he paints for us. And then ask yourself:

Why are filmmakers trying to spread J.Z. Knight's influence in What The Bleep Do We Know? and What The Bleep Do We Know?: Down The Rabbit Hole?


  1. JZ married Jeffrey Knight 3/1984, her fifth husband, ten years younger. Divorced in 1989, she paid $120,000 in settlement and they both took younger men for lovers. She was taken back to court September 1992 by Jeffrey asking for more money and claiming that she used mind-control tricks. Jeffrey died later of AIDS.

  2. JZ's Marriage to Jefferey Knight was her 3rd marriage, and her last to my knowledge.Her first husband was Chris Hensley, Her second was Jeremy Wilder and her third was Jeffery Knight. Who are the other two? As I don't think she remarried after divorcing Jeff.

    1. Married to j mark burnett, dds before Knight

  3. Glad somebody else on this planet agrees with me and doesn't believe JZ. What a cow.