Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Oprah Winfrey Statue Cast In Bronze: As Warm (And As Fake) As Television's Real Thing

"I will not report on,...complementary and alternative medicine. This is a scientific term for 'something you heard about from your hairdresser, who thinks she saw it on Oprah' — a category that,...includes acupuncture, homeopathy, healing magnets and assorted herbs and supplements".

- Jerry Adler, writing in Newsweek

"There is a growing acceptance of the notion that some sort of mysterious "energy" (usually called chi) is at the root of pain, health, the economy, world history, and who knows what else. Media personalities like Oprah Winfrey and her medical mandarin, Dr. Mehmet Oz, are only too happy to spread the superstition across the land."

- Robert T. Carroll, writing in Skeptimedia, the commentary section of The Skeptic's Dictionary

"I like Oprah. OK, really, my wife likes Oprah,..the problem with that is when a single person is so influential, people may perceive them and those whom they anoint as experts…so it was with trepidation that I watched Oprah with my wife tonight—she brought out her “favorite gynecologist,"..the doctor,...rapidly turned down the path of crankery,..almost like she never went to medical school,...she talked about injecting chi into [your] clitoris—I shit you not,...Oprah has a great deal of influence, and so has a great deal of responsibility, whether she wants it or not. I hope she wields it more carefully in the future."

- The White Coat Underground

Please, everyone bow your heads, and pray with me:

Excuse me, Oh Great Oracle Oprah, but is homeopathy really good medicine? Why do you choose to promote it? Why do you promote so many other forms of quackery? Do you know what quackery is? Has pushing quackery on your fellow Americans been your plan all along?

Is Tom Cruise - a leader in what's called "the world's most dangerous cult" - someone Americans should admire? Or you should promote? Why do you promote so many cultists? Are you a cultist?

Why do you have so many NewAge (rhymes with "sewage") guests on your show? Are you a NewAger? Hitler was a NewAger. Are you a part of the NewAge "movement"? If so, do you think that's something you should make clear to your "followers"?

What about The Secret? Why did you give it two days on your program? Did it deserve two days? Why? Is the "Law Of Attraction" really a scientific law? Are you attracting me, to you, right now?

Do you give us all the facts on the topics you cover? Are you a journalist? Do you have journalistic integrity? Do you know what journalistic integrity is? Do you stand behind what you do/promote on your show?

Why do you give short-shrift to skeptics on the program? Why do you invite so few skeptics? Are you, a journalist, afraid of skeptics? Are you afraid of having your beliefs and advice challenged? Are you afraid of truth? Or does it make you upset? Are you afraid or upset at the idea of going broke if you're ever sued for leading the American people astray?

Why did you tell James Frey it was only about money? Is it only about money? What does money mean to you? Is it more important than truth? Do you bathe in your money?

Please, Oh Great and Powerful Oprah, answer me,...I'm waiting.

Yea, yea - once again - I got nothing.

Talk about your "Sacred Cows",....

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