Friday, January 4, 2008

Reality Starts To Sink In: "Cult Eyes" Clinton Warns Supporters That Hoping For False Things Is The Wrong Approach To Winning Votes

"We can't have false hopes."

- Hillary Clinton, after her loss to Barak Obama in Iowa.

I'd say it's about time for another talk with Eleanor Roosevelt about how to "stay in the moment". (Or, at least, in the political primaries,...) Maybe somebody could channel her in some help?

Or, maybe, she should've just talked to Iowa's Transcendental Meditation crowd like Barak's people apparently did - even turning his podium to the east in honor of their beliefs! (What a loser!)

Of course, it's also possible (after all of her and Bill's involvement in New Age gobbldy-gook) she just can't count votes anymore,...

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