Sunday, January 27, 2008

ANONYMOUS: Knowledge Is Free

I just found this new Anonymous video (whoever is doing these is good,...) and thought I should state, for the record, why attacking cults (as opposed to organized religions) is important:

1) Cultists get a free hand to do their dirty work. We all know about the crimes of the Catholic church, or what fundamentalist Christians are up to, but cults work insidiously, subversively, and unethically. Organized religions, at least, try to engender a sense of right from wrong.

2) Even the major religions hate cults. Some of the best work on New Age belief (which is the umbrella that cults function under) come from Christian groups. As I suffered, from my own cult exposure, the one group of people who didn't question what had happened to me has been Jews. (The Holocaust was a great primer, wouldn't you think?) Despite their vulnerability, organized religions are more afraid of what cults do than losing their own cache, that's for sure.

3) Undermine the belief in cultish thinking and religious belief loses it's footing as well. Xenu, Jesus, The Flying Spaghetti Monster - it's all the same stuff - but when you take on cults you re-establish more than reason but real, non-spiritual, norms within society. For instance, attacks on Homeopathy will allow doctors to re-establish their authority at the top of the medical food chain, not the quacks. This is important because, of course, the undermining of science hurts us all. (Go down to the comments section on that last link,...) The point is, even religious folks will have to resort to reason to fight this battle, and, in doing so, they will be forced - by their own hand - to challenge their own nonsensical beliefs.

I have more but you can click around the site to find it. Just know this:

I knew this was coming. I'm not jumping on anybody's bandwagon. Not even now. This is the third version of TMR I've done (the other two got dropped because of online harassment from cultists) but, like you, I won't be stopped. I don't have computer skills but my own (offline) plans are in the works.

DONATE MONEY. I'm just one black guy, in a cold back room, moving around a lot and eating a lot of ramen, but my passion is as great as Black Lightning's. And, I think, in the end, I'll be even more effective.

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