Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hay Is For Horses: Reading Between The (Circular) Lines (Of Reasoning) On Louise Hay (And AIDS Death)

AIDS gave Louise Hay a following.

When I asked her if, since people’s thoughts are responsible for their conditions, victims of genocide might be to blame for their own deaths, she said: “I probably wouldn’t say it to them. That’s not what I’m after.”

I pressed harder: Did she believe they are to blame? “Yes,...”

So, I asked, with a situation like the Holocaust, the victims might have been an unfortunate group of souls who deserved what they got because of their behavior in past lives? “Yes,..."

Hay House was not, in the beginning, very well run, the staff was a cult,...

Hay House has a complicated relationship with credentials. Nothing would be worse than to suggest scholarly research.

This ambivalence about credentials shades into an ambivalence about what most of us would call truth.

I asked Louise Hay if she likes the work of psychic Sylvia Browne? “Now don’t ask me that,” Hay replied. "She’s one of our most popular authors.”

Self-help for young people may be the next frontier.

The test of Hay House is not what she can prove,...

Legitimacy is conferred by sales,...

Sales are earned by seeming wise

Louise Hay is thus a wise woman, because readers cannot be wrong.

Is this circular logic? Yes,...

Hay’s readers prefer it to the logic of the experts,...

Experts who, for all their remarkable scientific advances, still have not found a way to make every last person healthy and happy.

When Hay signs her books, she stands behind a lectern,...

When I asked her why, she said, “they all want to hug me.”
-- All quotes from the New York Times Magazine article on Louise Hay, "The Queen of the New Age," by Mark Oppenheimer.


  1. You had me right up until the end.

    Don't you know that the NY Times is a Bush-hating paper?

  2. Of course I know that, but I take what I get from where I get it. What I was trying to show was that the truth is in there, within the "spin" of the NYT. Don't worry:

    I rarely cover the NYT for political news, simply because of it's bias, knowing it can't be trusted and deserves to die.

    Thanks for writing.

  3. Yeah ... sure... what the Nazis did to jews and what jews are doing to palestineans, right? Circular isn't it?
    And about what our scientists are doing to save the world from starvation... oh please! Cut the crap! We already produce much more than we need to survive! Where does this all goes to? Africa? Oh yeah... it is only a logistical problem right? GOD NO!!! It is the unstopable ambicion of people that make the world such as it is!
    If we all would just be positive and kind such as she is telling us too.... well.... maybe real anarchy wouldnt be so difficult at all...

  4. Seriously EMCEE, if you knew anything about human nature, you would see the logic in her line of thought.
    As you know(hopefully) our minds are very powerful. If you were to ask yourself what things you couldn't do with a cup, you'd find a million answers, it is also true if you were to imagine millions of different ways to use a cup.
    That is exactly what she teaches, she teaches us, to look at life, take responsibility for our feelings and reactions, so we can take control over it.
    I've never met you, but there people who need to change their beliefs in order to do that.
    I would tell you to ask yourself, am i really congruent with my health, my job, romantic relationship.
    Is everything positive, is everything the way you would like it to be?
    Then ask yourself why is that?
    Do you find yourself coming with millions of reasons of why it is the way it is. Or, do you find yourself coming up with millions of way of improving that for yourself, to find happiness on your own?
    Just a thought, i don't mean in anyway to disrepect you, nor to insult you.
    I am just saying..... would YOU like THOUSANDS of people wanting to hug you all the time, would that not be an invasion of your privacy?

  5. I mean... you DO realize i didn't mention anything about nazis and jews..and u never even answered what i asked you.
    That's evasion and a strong sign you don't have a strong enough argument for what you believe or your position dude.

  6. freedom is what you do with what has been done to you....
    last comment..

  7. What she said was appalling. And she obviously knows it's appalling. She wouldn't say that people deserve the evil in their lives because of their past lives, but she believes it. If she said it no one would follow her. No one would want to hug her.

    Except for those who are comfortable in their own lives, who can feel brave at accepting this challenging truth. It's just about enough discomfort to feel, without having to leave the reality of brilliant slide show... the horror juxtaposed with pleasure centered orgies of healthy privilege.

    Get someone who gives you both an explanation for the horror, and an excuse for indulgence.

    They want to hug her.

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