Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Republican Mr. Rachel Vs. Barack Obama

Right on: another black Republican steps out to do battle with the lunacy that is liberalism. I've never heard of "Zo" before but I'm really impressed by this - he even equates liberalism with homeopathy, so you know I'm down!

I can't wait for the next video (and I hope he calls me: we could do some great things together.)

Hat Tip: Tasty Infidelicacies (and "thanks" to that fucking Jew, David!)

1 comment:

  1. this is a great video. at first I thought it was the crack emcee portraying the republican until I realized he had to be in L.A.. Good posting and blog. Now blog this, finally I see an a black role model or better yet, image of a conservative with normal, common sense; something that has evaded the white community, especially in your upper crust neighborhoods where the white person is guilty. for what, I don't understand. suck down your starbucks latte, while avoiding passing gas at yoga class as you refrain from uttering your most purist thoughts on how you really feel about people and issues. Keep hiring the mexican illegal while you support the minutemen. Conservatism is not racism or is merely common sense to live life without a do-gooder interferring. Good job Macho Man...