Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Instrument Is Invisible

If you're looking for this election to be a vehicle for "making history," I'd like to remind you there's more than one way to do that; several to demonstrate America's maturity heading into the future. Not being taken for fools is a big one.

Like presidential campaigns, con artists are take no prisoners. Knowing to walk around a game of three-card monte is just as important as knowing there are three-card monte games.

That a barker will talk to you isn't remarkable. Except for an appreciation of rhythmic agility, you don't respond to the patter: you know the customers who just "won" are in on the con.

You're too smart for that, right?

Riiight: wanna buy a stereo really cheap?

1 comment:

  1. Naturally I'm not that interested in Edwards, but I did read your links. I have an answer regarding your 'too smart' one:

    I found the 'why are we whispering?' incredibly ironic given that you couldn't say jack about the war or Bush back in 2003 without being howled down. Just ask the Dixie Chicks or Linda Ronstadt. Funny how failure and ingnominy turn the tide but good on you for not being sheepish, and continuing to stick up for those ghastly neocons.

    Why are [the Right] whispering? Probably because it's a wee bit confronting having the Red Cross (!!) accusing you of atrocities.

    re: Nancy Pelosi. I read her story to say that she would not be pursuing impeachment proceedings because it would be 'divisive', not because there was no case to answer for. Torture is pretty much frowned on in the civilised world. Someone should have told sociopath George.

    You're right about a lot of things, Crack Emcee, and wrong about a lot of things too. That's because you're trying to play the strict Left-Right paradigm and society just isn't that simple. But I challenge you to read even a couple of chapters of Bushit by Jack Huberman and still hold him in anything like high regard.