Thursday, August 21, 2008

The NYT: Psychics Are Dishonest And Cynical

Marina Marks, the heroine of 'The Grift,' Debra Ginsberg’s novel of slow-burn spookiness, is a psychic who came by her profession honestly — that is to say cynically, in the time-honored, dishonest way — by realizing that an observant person could make a fine living inventing fortunes for strangers.”

-- Liesl Schillinger, saying what few are willing to admit - whether they believe in psychic powers or not - for the New York Times

And isn't that really the problem? Why are psychics protected from criticism? Screw criticism: why are psychics protected from the law, if they're a bunch of dishonest cynics we know are fleecing the public, destroying marriages, and basically acting as parasites on society?

Maybe some "intuitive" individual can "enlighten" me on that one,...maybe not.

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