Friday, August 29, 2008

Yes: You Can Always Use Chanting, Trickery, And Rabidly Screaming The Word "Vagina"

“You get the distinct sense watching Ms. Palin, a self-professed feminist, that at 44 years old her views are still malleable, that her ideology is trumped by a momlike dedication to common sense, the sort of momlike common sense that strikes you as the antithesis of whatever the fuck has been motivating Dick Cheney all these years, and that it may be common sense to oppose abortion when you're moving up the political ladder in a tiny state dominated by dudes who barely get laid anyway.

But this is national now. What worries me about Sarah Palin is that Sarah Palins of this country, the non-ideological non-dogmatic no-nonsense swing-voting suburban soccer mom demo — have up until now had every reason to vote for Barack Obama.

They still do, of course. The key now will be getting Palin to say so herself somehow.”

-- "Moe", revealing the creepy and politically cynical outlook that keeps the Democrats in the losing column, for Jezebel

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