Thursday, August 28, 2008

Forget What You Know

"Some people seem to forget that John McCain, for all that he is an “old guy” and a bit boring, is also a known entity and a man who has long-been respected by many centrists, independents and even Democrats. It seems to me just a little sloppy to assume that Obama’s numbers should be “huge” against a man as substantial as McCain, or that people who have liked and respected McCain for years would suddenly push him aside and commence swooning over Obama, if they were not such racists.

Barack’s race is not at the forefront of my consciousness, and I think that’s true for many Americans, and yes, that’s something to be proud of - but I don’t know if other Americans, particularly those invested in identity politics (or addicted to the ease with which flinging a “racist” or “sexist” or other label can end a debate) will accept
even the possibility that this might be true."

-- The Anchoress, stating the case for whitey on her blog

BTW - listen to Barack's crazy callers, unleashed to stop this radio interview with Stanley Kurtz, trying to give reasons (or not) for their clueless attempts at censorship. Damning.

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