Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jim Carrey: A Cautionary Tale For Us All

It's so sad to watch Jim Carrey videos now, considering what he's become, and now done. The clues were always there,...

He saw all the hypocrisy of "spiritual" stuff, even calling his performance about them Unnatural Acts,...

Which featured confessions of worrying too much, and thoughts of Hell,...

In his performances, he was always making references to motivational tapes, religion, and Self-Help nonsense. He even mentioned what kind of reaction he'd get if he became the type of person he'd actually become. The cultists still got to him though, as insecure as he was,...

Watch this interview with Carrey in Canada, with the various references to Hollywood, Scientology, drugs, infamy, exploitation, life after death, etc., and you can easily see the insecurity that allowed him to be exploited by the NewAgers he used to ridicule as:

The Idiotically Overbearing Health Fanatic

The Exploitive Spiritual Nutcase

The Whiney Environmental Protester (with an interest in poop)

The Unfeeling Euthanasia Endorser

The Insane Gay Man

To eventually starring in the movie "Man On The Moon" about Andy Kaufman and his creepy obsession with the lying Maharishi cult that betrayed him. (If you meditate you're in the club.)

It's all just so damned depressing. Jim Carrey seems like he started out as such a nice, sweet, guy. But, like all cultists, it's his very "open-mindedness" and innocence that's been used against him, turning him ugly - recreating him as a danger to others - especially kids. And it's a transformation that's happened right before our eyes.

Why the authorities don't step in to stop cults, when our country has so much negative experience with them, is my only question - and has been right from the beginning. And it's a question I still don't have a good answer for. Honestly, I feel like our lives have been betrayed. I really do.

Anyway, I'd like to give a BIG "Thank you" to Joseph C. for leading me to these clips of Carrey's career. He said:

"Joining the anti-vax brigade makes Carrey a worse kind of altie than even the psychic "surgeons": One who would threaten our public health just so he and his white trash girlfriend can swim in their pseudoscientific conspiracy circle jerk.

Or, am I wrong? Has Carrey always been an altie inside and it just took a run of low self-confidence leading up to dating a skank who is very much beneath his social stratum to expose it?"

No man, you're probably right: a woman can make the best of us go over the deep end. I was married to a NewAger for 20 years and saw it all - ending with the death of my mother-in-law at the hands of a European quack who exploited my wife sexually - so, I'm (too obviously) still trying to shake off the effects, three years after my divorce. Thank goodness my South Central, Los Angeles, upbringing always enforced the idea that I should listen *very-carefully* to what people are saying - and always think for myself:

Who knows what kind of freak I could've become?

Clearly, a bigger one than I am now,....

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