Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rielle Hunter And Quotes From The NewAge

"I am going to be famous," Rielle said. "Rich and famous. I am going to meet a rich, powerful man." I was by now leaning against the kitchen cabinetry, and the fact that it was holding me up made me almost certain that Harrison Ford's virility had gone into its construction.

"Wow," I said. "How are you going to do that?" Rielle slid a toe out from under the tip of her flared yoga pants and poked me with it, playfully.

"I'm going to manifest it," she said.

I couldn't play along anymore.

"Good luck," I said. "I just ... I don't really believe in stuff like that." She backed away from me now, a conspiratorial smile on her face.

"You don't have to," she said. "I'm just going to keep using your amazing energy, and you'll see."
-- Sarah Miller, a contributor to the book, Bitch In The House, in The Gazette
"She is one of millions of other girls, not smart enough to make it as a writer, not pretty enough to model or act.

"She was average in every way, except for her drugs and whacked-out sense of truth."
-- A friend of Rielle Hunter's, painting an accurate picture of Hunter as the average NewAger, for New York's Daily News
"At this point, he doesn't want to comment, because he's thinking it's her affair. This is Rielle's problem."
-- Kelly McGovern, daughter of Hunter's friend, Bob McGovern (who set up the last Edwards trist) showing the loyalty NewAgers give to those they claim to love, in the New York Daily News
"As painful as it will be for him, he needs to come clean. There's an overwhelming view that he's still lying."
-- A former colleague of John Edwards, voicing the dominant feeling around the scandal, for New York's Daily News
"[Elizabeth Edwards] has no part to play at this year's Democratic National Convention. Edwards has not been buoyed by the sympathy one might expect for a woman scorned by a cheating husband."
-- WRAL.com
"I never figured you for a comforter, John. Sure, I heard your spill about the two Americas and your fight against poverty, but you were so bright and shiny that I could not make the words align with the speaker. You proved me wrong. You are a comforter. In your own way, albeit an affair, you lightened my days, reminded me of simpler times when I was less aware and much more naive. Thank you, John. For a second or two, I forgot to think like an informed adult."
-- Rebecca Powell, acknowledging her world being up-ended, for New West.


  1. Here's another quote from the New Age for you.

    "Victory gardens and the new age

    A victory garden is a manifestation of new thinking, new vision and an explosion of new understanding. We not only live in this world but we help create it. We can choose to participate in unity and renewal, and to become part of the higher forms of consciousness. We are at the point now where evolution can become conscious of itself.

    We can choose to participate in a new age of creative intelligence and love. This new age is like a rising tide which may wash away those who seek to go on working in accordance with that old law of every man for himself. It is a movement just beginning like the emergence of a tiny shoot in spring. You can tear out that shoot or stomp on it, but there is no way that you can hold back the coming of spring.

    We have had enough of the old ways of thinking, and we are here to take back control of our lives, our health, our resources, and our futures. We are resisting the control of destructive governmental and corporate forces. We are developing an energy and enthusiasm that characterizes new values, new ways of living, new survival techniques, and new experiences.

    A garden that symbolizes our part in this evolution is a challenge and a source of immense hope. If a family or group is able to achieve this, others will follow and the movement will grow. In a time of famine for many and threatened famine for many others, the victory garden is an indication of a new way the earth can be made more fruitful. We must have a vision.

    We realize with horror what the human race in its greed and arrogance is doing to the earth, and the life forms on it. Our ignorance of the realities of nature has led us to follow all sorts of practices which hurt and alienate. We are at the juncture where we may either come to be parasites upon the planet, or we may come to a new enlightenment. The choice is ours.

    A victory garden can be our symbol of the victory of the decision to be part of the new enlightenment. It can provide us with a way to re-establish a positive relationship with nature as we are called on to love life-giving plants, to cherish and nurture them, to talk to them, and thank them for all their work for us. When we have reached out to do this, we are breaking down barriers within our minds, and our resistance to this new age will dissolve. We are readying ourselves to go forth openly toward nature with a loving attitude.

    Remember, this is not somebody's thought out plan. It is a phenomenon and an expression of the living energies for renewal that are sweeping through our society. This is a creative energy to renew in many facets, the garden being just one of them. The garden is an expression of a community filled with energy, enthusiasm and love for all life.

    A garden teaches us the secrets of creation in various ways. Once we make the decision to pull back from the getting and spending lifestyle, we learn the power within us to create our world by the choices we make. We realize that we no longer have to be controlled by the power of events, but that by our power of thought, we control events. We can bring about what is in our thoughts.

    When this is our direction we will have the confidence to succeed in the garden. Gardening is about the relationship we have with the plants. When we love and cherish them, they will return the favor. Plants are like our children. A child who is loved thrives no matter what the conditions are, but a child who has no love dies. Gardening is never about technique or the color of your thumb. It is about what is in your heart and spirit."

    How much paint thinner did this flake huff when he was writing this? I can barely believe these people are real sometimes.

  2. I hear ya, dude. I really like the train of thought there:

    "This new age is like a rising tide which may wash away those who seek to go on,..."

    How sweet and loving is that?

    "Remember, this is not somebody's thought out plan."

    Of course not, even though:

    "We control events. We can bring about what is in our thoughts."

    And to "wash away" others is what's in their thoughts. Amazing. I swear, these people disgust me. I know, to others, they may seem harmless but as the John Edwards affair proves, they're dangerous to everyone not on to them.

    For real.

  3. Andrew Young the admitted father of the John Edwards story: The arrests for worthless checks, DWI, burglary, criminal mischief, the federal tax lien


  4. I went to a New Age wedding.

    My 10 you son had the quote of the day:

    "These gongs are getting annoying"

    And then, when the new age minister asked the invitees to pledge their commitment to helping this couple by saying 'we will' - he whispered to me- " do I have to say it? I don't know this guy too well."

  5. Dude, you must be so proud (you're obviously raising that kid right.)

    I'm doing a post on your site tomorrow. (Today was just too cluttered.) Thank you for your kind words: you keep me going.

    Hope all is well,