Tuesday, August 26, 2008

NewAge's Face Of Death

"Dear Christina,

Cancer is scary, and lonely. You can't ask anyone to make decisions for you because it's just too heavy.

There is a lot of 'rush to treatment,' when what you really need is time to research and think about how you want to approach this. Take your time Christina, there is no rush. Take your time and think it through. Use your cancer to learn and grow and as a force to work for you. You might choose to take an alternative approach."
-- Suzanne Somers, former actress and Thighmaster huckster (and current NewAge con woman) in a really creepy letter to Christina Applegate, reprinted on Respectful Insolence.

Suzanne Somers (above) and the equally-ghoulish Louise Hay should get together. With those death masks for faces, they're the perfect escorts for occultists out to reach the other side,...

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