Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Macho Response: Tommy Gorman

"To wake them up, you can't be all kind and sweet,...They'll block it out. I get under their skin so well, they'll have to think about what I'm saying."

-- Tommy Gorman, former Scientologist and - in my opinion - their chief antagonist, for the SFWeekly

I guess you've got to have experience being around cultists for long periods of time, as Tommy and I have, to understand why the in-your-face approach is the only one that'll work: since they're willing to ignore reality, you've got to make sure they've got no escape. They'll hurt you otherwise; first chance they get. Tommy knows: you've got to get to them first - and hit hard (NewAgers crumble when you know the specifics to quiz them about.)

Tommy Gorman, and his wife, sound like real survivors - and great human beings - two fine practitioners of The Macho Response

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