Sunday, February 10, 2008

Obit: The Asshole Who Said He Wouldn't Die

He didn't bring "peace" either.

But he succeeded at getting billions in idiot hippie money; killing idiots (that actually might be a good thing, but still,...) causing billions of divorces; encouraging fascism; driving millions of people crazy; raping women; breaking up The Beatles; betraying billions of otherwise productive lives; causing harm to the United States and humanity world-wide; hurting legitimate business; lying repeatedly and teaching others to lie; specializing in quackery; trying to fool the Journal of American Medicine (with the help of that, so-called, "amazing thinker" Deepak Chopra - that one didn't work - and why doesn't anyone call DC on that?) breaking up billions of families; deceiving the innocent; convincing idiots they could "fly" by jumping on their asses; convincing idiots they could walk through walls; convincing idiots they could cure cancer and AIDS with meditation; convincing idiots they could stop wars by chanting; trying to take advantage of children, etc., etc., etc.,...

TMR is profoundly pleased Sexy Sadie, the man who "made a fool of everyone", is dead.

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