Thursday, February 7, 2008

I Will Always Remember The George W. Bush Years As The Age When I Was Forced To Stand Up To The Many Irrational Demands Of The Mob

"We apologize for any offense,..."
- Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates, saying he's sorry to the United States Marines Corp.

I don't believe it. Since I started this blog (which started after I became a Republican) I've been waiting to hear a real apology, from a real liberal, for something they did wrong - *anything* - and Berkeley's mayor, Tom Bates, certainly qualifies. I don't know about anyone else, but I think I see a trend towards TMR's perspective in the news these days, which may mean America's long, cultural, post-60's nightmare is coming to an end. I certainly hope so. Check it out - some of these changes were predictions:

The Surge in Iraq is working.

John McCain is surging.

Hillary is so lacking in support she has to pay for her own campaign - and her feminist supporters are getting desperate.

ABC News sees the cultish elements of Obama's campaign. (The Wall Street Journal and the L.A. Times find it "creepy" too.)

The San Francisco Chronicle ran an editorial about cults in the Bay Area.

A San Francisco Chronicle sex columnist is begging people to keep their clothes on because she's "getting all grown up".

Sexy Sadie is sexy dead. (And that's really sexy.)

Self-Help books are reportedly getting away from patting people on the back for being losers.

Homeopathy is being kicked out of medical care, in England, and NCCAM (here) is now being led by a serious scientist.

People are starting to question the influence, advice, and quackery, of Oprah.

Scientology is under attack.

Yoga has been revealed NOT to be "exercise" - and it's supporters ARE being revealed to be cultists.

If I must say so myself, that record's not too bad, for a bunch of topics many people claimed I had wrong. You know, like my (ongoing) support for you-know-who,...

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