Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lisa McPherson's Birthday: Where Were You?

"How long will we idly sit by and let an “American-run” entity destroy more lives, tell more lies and steal more money — and ultimately put our own freedoms in jeopardy for their profitable gain?"
- - on Scientology's recent video outlining the cult's plans to dominate the world.

February 10th is Lisa McPherson's birthday, which Anonymous has chosen as a day of action* against CoS around the world. And over a year ago, always looking ahead, TMR did a demo* (under the name of Dick Dangerous & The Luggnutts) taking on many of the dangerously cultish topics TMR deals with now - including Tom Cruise - and asking the question that TMR thinks matters most today:

Where Were You?* (<-link to song)

Protect your minds, and the minds of others, from NewAge thinking* - take to the streets - and Let Freedom Ring!

*Donate to this site! (More anti-cult music to come:) Like Anonymous, I cannot do this alone,...and - Hey Anonymous - ain't I your boy? Where's the love?

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