Saturday, February 23, 2008

Who's In Charge? (Make That Move)

And we're off:

“Either homeopathy works or controlled trials don’t!”
David Reilly, a homeopath, making an idiot of himself at the 2001 Harvard Medical School Complementary and Integrative Medicine Conference.

"He was saying ... 'you got to take this fall.' He was saying, like, 'as your commanding officer, you got to follow orders.'"
- Devaughndre Broussard, the "soldier" accused of killing journalist Chauncey Bailey in the Your Black Muslim Bakery cult case, which will be covered on 60 Minutes tomorrow night. Broussard claims he will reveal the name of the killer on the program. (I really like the idea of a fucking bakery with a "commanding officer",...cults are a trip.)

"Video Catches Bus Driver Fighting With Student"
- CBS5 (KPHO out of Phoenix, Arizona) which - quite obviously - should read "Video Catches Student Fighting With Bus Driver". Shouldn't it?

Who's in charge?

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