Saturday, February 23, 2008

Except For Prayer (And The Unnecessary Dig At Dad's DNA) I Think This Christian's Very Funny

"Get your story straight, and tell the truth, for once, for Heaven's sake" is where Christian comic, Anita Renfroe, got a smile out of me (it happens) it's just too bad more people don't take that one to heart once they grow up and move away from home. My life would certainly have been better. It's like they need their Mom and Dad around - forever - to simply be honest. Instead, they want to fill me with all their bullshit reasons why they lied, like I care.

That's probably why so many people are always so paranoid and cynical about the idea of "Big Brother": If lying is a big part of their regular M.O., they've always got something to hide. Which means I've got to be spied on, too, because they're such assholes. And those are the same people who are always crying that I should be trying to make this a better world.

And why is it O.K. (apparently even funny) for a woman to say, "Stop crying or I'll give you something to cry about", but let a man voice anything of the kind and he's a violence-prone asshole who's keeping society's fingers permanently glued to 9-1-1? Double standards, like that, drive me crazy.

So does the dig at the father's DNA: Why do women - even a gathering of Christian women - think that's O.K.? But let any man say any-thing about a woman - totally in reaction to how women behave - and then, they throw the words "sexist" and "misogynist" out, like their shit appears in plastic bags. It's maddening.

Especially because they won't admit it's a double standard. But that much I understand because, once they admit there's a double standard, then they have to admit they're treated better than men - and expect to be treated better than men. So they lie.

And, I guess, that's the whole ball of wax right there. How a woman can go from this:

To this:

But nobody can say, exactly, how that happened.

I guess I'll let another comedian finish this shit - I'm thinking much too seriously today:

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