Monday, February 11, 2008

Fresh Blood (Smeared Everywhere)

"So, let's review. In 1995, a uniformed Secret Service officer SWORE, on penalty of PERJURY, that he SAW, this, thing, this Maggie Williams, take documents, boxes of them, I believe, from Vince Fosters' office. Maggie Williams testified that this Secret Service agent was a LIAR. Everybody's a liar in Clinton World. All those Arkansas State troopers were liars when they testified that he sent them out to get chicks for him. Paula Jones was lying. Kathleen Willey was lying. Quanita Brodrick was lying when she told the world, on the 60 Minutes program, that BILL CLINTON RAPED her. Monica Lewinski was lying. Her ick stained Blue Dress was lying. ****, even Josh Steiner was lying. Remember Josh? He was some kind of staffer for the Clintons, who was testifying in one of the myriad scandals that seem to follow the Clintons wherever they go. When what he had written in his diary became evidence against the sworn testimony of the Clintons, Josh Steiner simply testified, UNDER OATH, that he had LIED to his DIARY. So HE was a liar. But I digress. I think that Maggie Williams is the PERFECT choice for Hillary. PERFECT. What I DON'T understand, is how this woman, with everything that is KNOWN about her hasn't been shunned by society. And it's not rumour, we KNOW her. She has NO character, is a stranger to the truth, and frankly, really has no redeeming quality about her whatsoever. What kind of a moron would suppot her and her RAPIST husband? The fact that she's neck and neck in this race reflects more on the utter stupidity of the Democrat voters than it does of Mrs. Rapist. P.T. Barnum must be smiling."

- "TLP", commenting on Hillary Clinton's new campaign manager, Maggie Williams (above) in The New York Daily News

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